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We all know that Florida is known for it’s long, hot and humid summers, and it’s periods of cold during the winter season. While it is common for the Florida weather to fluctuate, the company you do your HVAC business with, should not.

TOP 5 Port Charlotte Air Conditioning Companies

A Word from Joe…

As a Licensed General Contractor in the greater SWFL area for the last 30+ years, I have had the pleasure of working with some really great HVAC contractors. I’ve also had the experience of selecting some not so pleasurable companies as well. Let’s face it, the Port Charlotte HVAC market doesn’t have the best history, guys that don’t show up for jobs, guys that are in jail, guys that rip people off. While the internet can be a great place to find information, it can also be overwhelming. The number of selections provided on your typical “air conditioning near me” search can be daunting. While confusing at best, it is imperative that you do your research when selecting an HVAC contractor. After all, you are letting them into your home, and the last thing you want to do is let some criminal in to do what you think will be a quality job. With the average person’s daily schedule jam packed these days, I understand that taking the time to do this research is often easier said than done, as such, I have used my expertise and have done ALL the leg work for you!

Given my experience, I have used extensive criteria in creating this list of HVAC contractors. Sure, any one can tell you a company is good, but the real benchmarks that make a company successful is what actually stands out.

The companies that I have listed below have shown a history of top service.

  • They have longevity within the community.
  • They show exemplary customer care.
  • They always have a “man on call” and that man is always happy to help.
  • And lastly, they have the google reviews to show for it!!

In short, these companies truly are the BEST of the BEST when it comes to Port Charlotte HVAC Contractors.

Below is my list of notable contractors. Read on for my TOP picks for HVAC installation, repair and service in the greater SWFL area.

Joe Thomas

Licensed General Contractor


Joe’s Top Picks

The BEST of the BEST in Port Charlotte Air Conditioning Companies

Ranked as the #1 Port Charlotte Air Conditioning contractor in the greater SWFL area, Florida Comfort Air Conditioning has been providing quality products and services for over 16 years. Offering 24/7 Emergency Service at no charge, and excellent customer service, puts them first on our list. Whether you need to keep warm or keep cool, you’ll love the way Florida Comfort keeps you comfortable!

Just check out those REVIEWS!! Give them a call at 941- 764 -0026 and see for yourself why I have rated them #1 in Port Charlotte!

Not to be overshadowed by it’s sister location above, Tommy’s AC is 2nd on our list for the same great reasons we love Florida Comfort. There is something to be said for consistently providing TOP NOTCH service to customers. Established in 1969, Tommy’s is still providing prompt, professional, friendly and courteous service that exceeds expectations every single time.

Reviews say it all, and theirs speak volumes! Give them a call at 941-625-5270 and discover just why they are considered one of the most reliable Port Charlotte Air Conditioning Contractors in the area!

Picked for #3 for top Port Charlotte Air Conditioning contractor in the greater SWFL area, is none other than Englewood’s Smothers Brothers. Mother always liked them best and we all know Mother’s always right! With over 65 years of both residential and commercial air conditioning and heating experience, Smothers Brothers has the solution to all your HVAC needs, and their customers agree! See what they are saying here!

At Smothers Brothers, customer service is not a department, it’s an ATTITUDE! Give them a call at 941-474-4966 and see what makes them different than the rest!

My 4th pick for top Port Charlotte Air Conditioning contractor in the greater SWFL area, you will just absolutely LOVE, and it’s not just because it’s in the name! No matter the size job, Love’s Air Conditioning understands the importance of each and every customer. With excellent customer service and no hidden fees, Loves is a “diamond in the rough” when it comes to HVAC professionals.

You’ll LOVE their customer testimonials, just as much as you’ll LOVE their service. Fall in Love with Loves Air Conditioning 24/7 at 941-240-8400

Last but most certainly not least on our list is none other than Osprey Air Conditioning. Serving Lake Suzy and the greater SWFL area, Osprey Air has the finest reputation for getting the job done right and done on time, each and every time. Customers love Osprey Air and I am certain that you will too. Just look at the reviews from past customers, some have been using Osprey Air for over 10 years! Now that’s what I consider success!!

24/7 Service with quality and affordable work is what they do! Call them at 941 -624-5541 for all your HVAC needs!

Written by Joe Thomas

Joe Thomas is a well-known licensed general contractor in the greater SWFL area. Joe has 30+ years of expertise under his belt working with HVAC professionals of all kinds and has become a trusted advisor for all types of construction projects in this area.